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  • Regain the smoothness around your eyes and prevent new wrinkles
  • Revitalize the elasticity of your skin
  • Look and feel as fresh and wonderful at the end of the day as you did at the beginning
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It’s not Revital-Eyes, just good science

Revital-Eyes uses the very basic principle that the more moisture your skin can retain, the fewer wrinkles it will develop and the younger you will look - particularly around the eyes. Revital-Eyes contains ingredients that induce your skin to as much as double its own collagen, and it holds small particles of water in the skin, to keep it moisturized, giving the skin around your eyes a smoother, youthful appearance

Increases levels of collagen that your skin produces
Enables your skin to retain moisture
Reduces puffiness and wrinkles around your eyes

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All natural ingredients for an all-natural look

Carrageenan Extracted from red algae, carrageenan is a thickening agent that helps soften the skin
Matrixyl 3000 A combination of two peptides that enable your skin to produce more collagen and elastin
Deionized water Water with mineral ions, such as sodium and chloride removed, which are bad for the skin
Lycium barbarum Extracted from the goji fruit, it helps protect the skin against aging and improves skin tone

What is the optimal way to use Revital-Eyes?

Wash your face thoroughly yet gently, and use a soft towel to pat it dry

Take a small amount of Revital-Eyes on your fingertip, and tap it gently and carefully into the skin around your eyes

Allow 15 minutes for the active ingredients to work their magic on the skin around your eyes

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  • Skin stays moisturized
  • Puffiness around the eyes is gone
  • Smooth skin instead of wrinkles
  • No more dark bags underneath

What do the women who use Revital -Eyes say about it?

My job has me spending a lot of time outdoors, where the sun can play havoc with my skin. Revital-eyes keeps my face - especially my eyes - smooth and clear Julia, Julia, 37, Arizona

By the end of the day, my eyes were always red and puffy. With Revital-eyes, my skin looks as fresh and smooth when I go out after work as it was did when I got to work. Sheri, 28, Ohio

My daughter said that my eyes made me look like a grandmother, and I was shocked. I didn’t see it happening, but it did. Revital-eyes brought me back to looking my age Allison, 41, Georgia


to look and feel your youthful best

The eyes have it - and so should you!

Say goodbye to
  • Crow’s feet along the sides of your eyes
  • Puffiness around your eyes
  • Dark, baggy circles under your eyes
  • Increased collagen and elasticity of your skin
  • Smooth, moisturized skin
  • A more youthful, healthy look around your eyes
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Due to the increased demand, we only have limited quantities of Revital-Eyes available. As of December 7th 2019 we currently have the product IN STOCK and can ship your order within 24 hours after the purchase.

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